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No, there's no sex. So who is it? The majority of the seasons, for all their flaws, remained entertaining. The book material was adapted well most of the time, and there were some really excellent newly created material. They handled some plots as well as they could, and did real justice to some scenes.

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They cut out some unnecessary fat that they couldn't really do much with eg. Lady Stoneheart and added in some material that was well written and fit the narrative. Many questionable scenes still managed to be exciting and interesting in their own way, while the really trash scenes were sporadic and glaringly obvious. There was a lot of guff and filler, but there was still a good amount of gold. In season 7, it's all shite. I just had to get this off my chest, but please, if you're someone who still enjoys Game of Thrones, please explain why.

7 - 7: The London Bombings: What Went Wrong?

Sell me on it. Does it have some merit that I've missed? Whats the deal? Because the only reasons I can think of for someone still liking Game of Thrones are that they like it because they like dragons and zombie fights and they don't think about things making sense as long as Dany and Jon get together, and maybe they remember how good the show used to be but can't quite remember why so they just expect it's probably still good - because it's GAME OF THRONES, right!?!

Winter is coming! Also, Jaime wants to be redeemed as a knight.

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He wants to do something noteworthy and heroic. He has the whole series. Daenerys is anxious to present herself to the Westerosi as an almost supernatural figure, the Mother of Dragons. To do that she has to control herself not to give her away human feelings; hence her constant unemotional facade. In particular her long opening scene with Jon is designed to be intimidating to him. I dont think you should be arguing in the fanboy forum about these things man. I absolutely hate just how anti-climatic his death played out.

He was by far my favorite character for his wits. You seriously think you can turn the Stark sisters against each other?

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I completely agree, even if most people downvote or disagree with you. The season lacked logic and good writing. This is my favorite show of all time and it was a shame to see such a letdown of a season. So unless GRRM himself is writing each episode there will be a noticeable dip in quality.

Nobody was expected the series to surpass the books and end before at least Winds of Winter came out. They went from having incredible novels to reference and adapt, to getting cliffnotes from George. Just so we have a sense of time passing. I'm not that fascinated with GRRM's writing.

Book 2 in particular is very repetitive -- two shadow creatures invented by Melisandre; two horseback rides where Theon makes a fool of himself; Arya is forced to serve two different tyrants at Harrenhal. Margery was well-characterized as a woman who was clever but not conniving. One of the most-praised sequences in the series, the Tywin-Arya relationship, wasn't in the books at all; the show-runners created it Book! Arya's journeying with the Hound is mostly padding; on TV we see a sequence of scenes where she is increasingly hardened to violence.

And his idea of turning the tragically killed Catelyn into a zombie? I never said that I thought every aspect of his novels was perfect. I hate Lady Stoneheart. I was referring to his dialogue. The character dialogue is brilliant.

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Not terrible, just off. Just be glad HBO didn't give it the Deadwood treatment and wrap it up with half the story to go. I don't agree with all your points but I agree it was the weakest season. It betrayed itself with all the fan service and it was rushed. What I will say is GRRM has given the ending to the showrunners so all hope should not be lost for a spectacular end to a mostly awesome series :. Nobody forced you to watch it, just stop watching the show if you dont like it. There were several S7 whinging posts before you.

What's done is done, nonstop bitching and complaining wont make S7 any better. Just hope S8 will be more spectacular than S7 when it airs. I agree entirely but you're not going to find many others that agree with you on the show sub, here the show can do no wrong and is above all criticism.

Hopefully today is the day things start turning around. For my pitcher I went with Greinke. There is a potential for some high scoring players tonight with sub-par pitchers in bad matchups. Greinke provides high strikeout potential along with being a huge favorite. As far as bats are concerned, I am picking on Adleman and Hammel. They also are a fairly inexpensive team to load up on which was necessary considering I went with Greinke. My lineup rounded out with Dee Gordon. NOTE : I type this section prior to games starting to make the rest of the blog easier to complete. Well, starting with the positive, I was able to finally get the pitcher correct.

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Hopefully, this is a trend that will continue. The bats once again failed me though. While I was able to have 3 players score north of 20pts, I was wrong on both predictions for the Dodgers and Diamondbacks. November 3 Butterfly Wall Lit Up. November 2 One Day at a Time! October 16 Bittersweet Happy Butterflies!

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