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Should Jacen fail, she will be delivered back to his ship. In his absence, she ministers to the slaves on a nearby plantation.

Spike Milligan

There are several historical inaccuracies. Tricorn hats were not part of American military uniforms of this period; holystones — used to scrub the decks of wooden ships — were blocks of sandstone, rather than bristle brushes; and in , William Claiborne was governor of the state of Louisiana, not the territorial governor. For the most part, these are minor slips when examined from the perspective of the entire story. Getting back to her own time period never seems a priority, perhaps because there is no simple answer of how one travels through time when disappearing in the Bermuda Triangle and she has no family left to go back to.

This makes for a more believable story. For me, the second time-slip is much stronger, fantastically portrayed in a way that makes us look anew at our own world and the technology we take for granted. This spicy romance successfully intertwines humor and drama to spin a web of intrigue and danger. Aside from the historical aspects of the story, I was drawn to the sketches that Jacen draws.

The reason for their inclusion remains unclear until the final pages, which then makes perfect sense but kept me guessing not an easy feat to achieve. As the historical events of the War of unfold, disparate forces must work together to protect the fledgling United States, while Ana and Jacen struggle to keep both themselves and their burgeoning love alive. This is the most time she has spent in his company, for he rarely had time for her until he announces that her beloved mother and grandfather are dead.

But even at sea he often ignores her. Her only solace is her friend, cabin boy and lookout William Spencer, and her cherished book that recounts the exploits of real pirates like Anne Bonny and Blackbeard. Maribel loves to climb aloft to read or to join William in searching for other vessels.

When sails are sighted, he thinks it might be the Ghost Ship whose captain and crew materialize out of thin air to attack Spanish vessels.

'National Treasure: Books of Secrets' Bruckheimer & Turteltaub Interview

They take no prisoners, leave no witnesses. Then they vanish. Still, Maribel hopes to finally meet a pirate.

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Although she scoffs at the idea that the strange ship is a ghost, she decides to join too. The last time their paths crossed twenty years ago, Jean barely survived after Cordoba ordered the captured ship sunk with all hands and passengers on board. Falling debris knocks Mirabel unconscious during the battle between the two enemy vessels.

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When Jean boards, he ignores the colorful lump on the deck. He seeks only one outcome — vengeance for the deaths of his mother and baby brother. But his second in command, Isaac Bennett, attempts to dissuade Jean because revenge belongs to the Lord. Enraged, Jean attacks his nemesis and the two men fall overboard. Cordoba sinks into the depths of the ocean. Only after Jean returns to his ship does he discover that his crew has brought aboard the wounded Mirabel. Mirabel, of course, has the perfect solution.

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She knows all about pirates, so she should join his crew. Following orders, however, is not her strong suit, which lands her in the brig after kicking Jean.

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  8. He soon discovers that this brazen girl has wormed her way into the stalwart hearts of ne and his men and, before long, is one of the crew — a temporary inconvenience only. Contrary to what her father told Mirabel, her mother and grandfather still live. When her grandfather discovers his granddaughter is gone, he vows to find her no matter how long or how much money it requires. On learning that his son is dead and that French privateers have taken Mirabel, he wields the full power of his influence within French circles to have Louis XV declare Jean Beaumont and his men pirates.

    Still at sea, Jean remains ignorant that he is now considered an outlaw and that French and Spanish warships hunt the Ghost Ship. They attack another vessel and during this engagement, Mirabel is swept into the sea. Only later is it discovered that she is missing. After an exhausting day of searching for her, Jean retires to his cabin while Israel and his longboat continue the hunt.

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    The warship is the victor, and they imprison the pirates and take the Ghost Ship with them to New Orleans. With nowhere else to go, Israel sails to an island so the nuns there can nurse and raise Mirabel. In the years that follow, Mother Superior tells her that she only dreams about pirates, but Mirabel knows they are really memories. One day she hopes to reunite with the handsome pirate captain and her pirate friends.

    The Pirate Bride is the latest installment in the Daughters of the Mayflower series and takes place in two parts. Part one, which sets the stage for the romance and underlying mysteries that unfold in part two, interweaves adventure with humor and heartache, and includes several unexpected twists. The characters capture our hearts, much like Mirabel manages to do with the privateers, and transport us back to The subsequent half of the story provides an intriguing study of how someone raised on an isolated island reenters a world governed by strict rules, proper etiquette, and specific social orders.

    There are times when the reader feels almost as left out as Maribel did when she left Spain. Employing the slave trade and its ties to piracy as a means of bringing Jean and Maribel together again is historically accurate and a refreshing theme from usual romances of this type, but the subplots of the second half are told more than shown, which prevents readers from becoming fully involved. As an inspirational romance, The Pirate Bride is a pleasing tale into which the religious aspect is subtly knitted.

    Meet the author Daughters of the Mayflower. If he succeeds, they will lose the Italian provinces and leave Britain to fight alone. While the Council of Ten in Venice prefers to remain neutral in this war, the Venetian admiral would form an alliance with England and lead his navy in the fight against the aggressors.

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    For a price. But before negotiations are completed, Il Diavolo the Devil has his assassins kill the admiral. Nathaniel Peake captains HMS Unicorn and, having had a successful voyage, he looks forward to receiving the hefty sum his captured prizes will bring. Arriving at Leghorn, a major center of trade in the Mediterranean, he finds the city under attack from land, the citizens attempting to flee by sea, and French corsairs lurking on the horizon. Not only is he tasked with escorting the convoy of rescue ships, he must defend them against these sea marauders and transport the paramours of some officers, including Commodore Nelson, to safety.

    The last proves a trying and irritating duty that results in the loss of his quarters, but he succeeds in delivering the ladies as ordered.

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    He needs to re-establish contact with Venice, notify the admiral that his price has been met, keep the Venetians from forming an alliance with France, and assess the seaworthiness and capabilities of the Venetian fleet. At the same time, he must take soundings of the harbors and lagoons while hunting down French corsairs prowling the Adriatic Sea. Now he must confirm this report and determine if there is another willing to work with the British to stop Napoleon, and this requires him to enlist the assistance of the Deputy Prioress of a convent where the sisters are known for their gambling casino and carnal knowledge.

    He will do whatever is necessary to dispose of the British intruder, and it could cost Nathan his life. Since there are a variety of winds specific to the Mediterranean, he provides a brief explanation of these since they play important roles in the story. This is the fourth installment in the Nathan Peake series, but readers unfamiliar with previous tales will have no problem following this story.

    There are sufficient clues to tantalize such readers to go back and read these titles. In many ways the opening chapters of The Winds of Folly mimic what it is like to sail aboard a wooden ship — manic high drama of short duration interspersed with long and tedious periods of mundane daily activity. Five boys and two girls are eleven and twelve years old, and the other lad is six. As each child steps aboard the ship, they acquire pirate personas, special abilities that compensate for their disabilities, and special gifts each must learn to use. Samuel becomes Little Pegleg, the captain, and his prosthesis becomes a wooden leg.

    Jerome Christopher transforms into a non-stuttering, suave pirate. Harvey and his wheelchair become Harley whose biker-chair has cannons and flames that allow him to fly short distances. Paul, who already wears an eye-patch , is now Paulie with a spyglass that allows him to see far and wide. Ernest, whose right hand is deformed, changes into Ernie and his hand becomes a hook. When they acquire a piece of this jigsaw puzzle, their next destination appears along with a special clue as to what they might encounter there.

    The religious component to this story is very strong and may not appeal to all readers. Readers may also find some material and subjects covered, as well as the language, objectionable and definitely not appropriate for children; Hewitt is upfront about this before the book begins. As the story progresses the lighter adventure becomes darker and darker, and the gun incident involving one of the children, as well as the aftermath of the shooting, struck me as being out-of-character for the young pirates and their friendships.

    It also caught me unaware, like a sudden slap in the face, and while the story does have a happy ending, getting there left me feeling uneasy about allowing children, and possibly younger and immature teens, to read this book. Aside from some formatting and spelling errors, as well as the occasional missing word, I also wonder about the target audience.


    The one aspect of this book that I particularly identified with was that these eight characters have physical disabilities and they find ways to overcome those challenges. Too often such characters are omitted from stories, even when these tales can be truly inspiring to read. No longer will he work for other men, commanding their merchant ships. Now he will own his own ship and be his own master. Unfortunately, when he sets sail from London in November , he discovers that the fates have a far different plan in store for him and the Ruby Cross.