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Matthew Shield Athlete Page Coach. Pasteles Chelas Grocery Store. Downs Hotel Woodingdean Hotel. Stripped Movie. Pages Liked by This Page. Two years after the book's publication, however, Kasdorf wrote a retrospective critical essay that disclosed an additional dimension of Striptease that helps validate her title. In the concluding chapter of The Body and the Book, "Writing Like a Mennonite," she reveals a latent context for the title and the poems it represents: The Martyrs' Mirror.

She undertakes to explain how in Striptease she fashions "good witness" out of her own personal traumas and determines to write like a martyr, "no matter how arrogant and disturbing it may be.

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Martyrdom is no more pleasing a notion than striptease. Authors of recent historical studies of martyrdom are acutely aware of a modern inclination toward denial. According to Lucy Baldwin Smith, "For those of us who cling to this world with the tenacity of a mollusk, the decision to die is both fascinating and repulsive.

Gregory seeks to counteract postmodern sociological assumptions that tend to mitigate the stark reality of existential suffering. Oyer and Robert S. Kreider confess that "although inoculated with television violence, we shudder at the savagery of God's children Lowry admits that "in our day the Martyrs' Mirror is a neglected book As today's descendents of the Anabaptists become more like the world This paper proposes that it is the dynamic interaction of ideas associated with Eve, striptease and martyrdom that makes Eve's Striptease the special book it is.

Uncovering the demure era of striptease. By David Kirby. December 12, Rachel Shteir. Oxford University Press.


When Rachel Shteir found out that "her otherwise ordinary school friend" Jane had become a stripper, it occurred to her, she writes, that stripping stands for "a possibility that women could reinvent themselves as desirable creatures every night. Actually, we really, really desire you, and it doesn't take that much to make us pant, which is why classic stripping, as opposed to today's total runway nudity, was, as Shteir points out in this authoritative, thoroughly-researched and well-written study, pointedly demure.

Lili St. Cyr, Tempest Storm, Blaze Starr, Candy Barr and the incomparable Gypsy Rose Lee peeled very slowly; they continued the tradition of '30s stripper Gladys Clark, whom one reviewer described as "walking around like a queen wondering if the tub is full. If some peelers remained veiled and unattainable, others, like Georgia Sothern, danced, in the words of one impresario, "just like she had dynamite for lunch. Fellow entertainer Ann Corio likened Finnell's act to the revving up of a military aircraft: "Carrie looked like a twin engine bomber," Corio noted approvingly.

Alas, not all strippers were as admiring of others as Corio.

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The big acts were phenomenally successful, and strippers could be as cutthroat as other businesswomen. Rosita Royce trained seven doves to carry off pieces of her evening gown; when someone peppered the birds with a BB gun, all eyes turned toward Tirza the Wine Girl, who may have fretted that her own "wine bath" was not as splendid as Royce's avian extravaganza. The Wine Girl's guilt or innocence will never be known, though it is certain that when Evangeline, the Beautiful Pearl in the Half Shell, became unbearably jealous of Devena the Aqua Tease, who undressed and swam as a mermaid in a gallon tank, she smashed Devena's tank with an ax.

Born in the Jazz Age, striptease was more or less dead by the '70s, according to Shteir, having been replaced by mere "stripping" or "exotic dancing," the goal of which is get naked fast and stay that way. Over time, capitalism takes every phenomenon to its extreme: sex becomes pornography, food becomes fast food, and portions -- of everything -- become supersized. Worse, when striptease became mere stripping, it lost its sense of humor. Gone is the coy sophisticate who strolls downstage languidly, pulling off her glove a finger at a time, her place taken now by a petulant nude pestering customers for lap dances.

Growing up in Baton Rouge in the '60s, I and my friends would sneak out our windows at night, speed down to New Orleans, watch the dancers on Bourbon Street go through their routines, and make it back to our beds just before our mothers woke us, their noses wrinkling suspiciously at the lingering scent of cigarette smoke and stale beer. I remember seeing Candy Barr, though it may have been Candie Barr, Candy Barre, Candie Barre, Kandy Barr, or Kandy Barre -- strippers were shameless in more ways than one, and a hot act was often replicated under a sound-alike name.

If I'd known that an era was ending, I would have paid more attention. The naked and the nude.

Oxford University Press,. Nudity: A Cultural Anatomy. By Ruth Barcan. In the s, I attended a fundraiser at a Toronto strip club. Having not seen "exotic dancing" for a while, I was curious to see the evolution of the form and wanted to support the funder's cause, a drop-in and support centre for sex-trade workers. The house lights dimmed as pink and amber-gelled lights illuminated a tiny black stage.

The only "set" was a low, coffin-sized wooden slab, covered in red velvet. Sinatra's Strangers in the Night wafted from speakers.

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Kneeling down, which drew whistles from the crowd, she removed the box's contents -- canisters of squirtable whipped cream and jars of chocolate sauce. Taking the mike from its stand, she licked its head and, following the amplified slurp, spoke -- a southern Ontario suburban voice: "Hi. I'm Adrianna.

I'm gonna strip now.

Then I'm gonna lie down on the velvet bed and my assistant, Penny, is gonna cover me with whipped cream and chocolate. One minute per licker tight, wide smile. All proceeds go to our drop-in centre. Thank you for being here. And thanks for participating". Adrianna danced for a moment, then quickly removed her clothes except for the shoes. Her large brown eyes, mascara-ed and kohl-ed, looked out past her audience to somewhere in the middle distance. She lay down on her back, on the velvet slab. Her globular breasts stayed fully up, nipples pointing to the ceiling. Penny the Assistant covered her colleague's supine self with white and brown gunk, then beckoned to the audience.

Approximately 10 men and one woman , most with a look of self-consciousness, mounted the stage. They proceeded to feed on Adrianna's sweet coating. Stripping was not always a perfunctory and grotesquely artless act of cannibalistic foreplay. In Striptease , Rachel Shteir, writer and professor at De Paul University in Chicago, chronicles, with analytical, image-rich prose, the history of the American girly show. While covered from neck to calves, Mme H. One newspaper reported, "a great portion of the audience crimsoned with shame"; another noted that "the exhibition is to all intents and purposes the public exposure of a naked female.

Soon after, borrowing from the Victorian English who were, in turn, parodying French "high art" , New York entrepreneurs realized that they could have even more nakedness by featuring tableaux vivants living pictures. Surely, they claimed, no one would be offended by re-enactments of such great paintings as such subjects as the Three Graces, Suzanna at her bath and Venus rising from the sea.

There were, however, periodic police raids, when Venus and Bacchus were "trundled off to the tombs" in a "paddy wagon. Burlesque soon added clowns and sketches, long a mainstay of both American vaudeville and British music hall. This pleased audiences, as well as giving strippers and showgirls more time to change and, therefore, more stage time per show. Striptease's golden age, the Exotic Dancer years, involved expensive production values and featured stars such as Sally Rand, Lili St.

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These ecdysiasts did more teasing than stripping, carefully choosing their music and costumes. Shteir attributes the death of burlesque to two primary factors. The "greying of the strippers": Strip stars, in their forties, fifties and sixties wanted out of the grind, as it were.