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Critic Reviews. Hal Lipper. This movie is one of the biggest surprises of the new year: a tense suspense thriller, with darkly comic elements, that celebrates American excess while ridiculing it. Staff Not Credited.

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This is an entertaining, sexy, cleverly constructed thriller. Jay Boyar. Bad Influence has a somewhat effective screenplay, provided by newcomer David Koepp. The dialogue is much sharper in Bad Influence than it was in The Bedroom Window - although the new film's plot could have used more work. Peter Travers. Bad Influence will do in a pinch if you're starved for intrigue. For a while, it's nasty fun watching Michael sink into depravity.

Erotic and spine tingling, this thriller has undeniable allure. But Bad Influence lacks daring, moral ambiguity and the pleasures of the unexpected, the elements that might give it distinction. Read full review.

MOVIE REVIEWS : Innocent Gets Drawn in Over His Head in ‘Bad Influence’

Bad Influence proves a reasonably taut, suspenseful thriller that provides its share of twists before straying into silliness. William Thomas. As Lowe systematically dismantles Spader's antiseptic existence, Hanson and writer David Koepp handle the thriller plot well, with Lowe effective as the plastically beautiful but deeply dangerous bad influence of the title.

Jay Carr. The more intense it gets, the sillier it looks. The only thing worth watching in this wannabe noir is Christian Clemenson's performance as Spader's permanently bummed-out pot-smoking brother. Clemenson alone fills the screen with the kind of individuality that makes you steadily deepen your belief in his character. But he's not enough to keep Bad Influence from degenerating into a ludicrous turn-off.

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More From Metacritic. Find a list of all movie and TV titles headed to home video in October, What to Watch Now on Hulu. Get a list of the best movie and TV titles recently added and coming At first the lessons are innocuous, as Spader outsmarts his rival in the office. Then they get more troublesome, and finally they get deadly. Granger doesn't take him seriously, but Walker is very serious indeed.

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In "Bad Influence," Lowe has the smooth Walker role, but the difference is Spader has no idea he has made a bargain until it's much too late. The movie sneaks up on you. At first you're not even sure where it's going: Maybe this will be the story of a creepy relationship between Spader, who is a born innocent, and Lowe, who likes to change identities and accents every night while he's picking up girls in the Los Angeles underground bar scene. Lowe is slick and likable, and very attractive except for those sinister shadows that always seem to be playing over his eyes. There's a hint of homosexuality in their relationship; Spader clearly likes Lowe, who seduces him with compliments and friendship.

Spader says he fears marriage, even though he is engaged to a rich girl, the kind who pecks her future hubby on the cheek as if she were a bird and he were a mirror.

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Lowe is able to end the unwanted engagement with a spectacular act of social embarrassment, by infiltrating a party given by the future in-laws and showing a home video of Spader having sex with another woman. This scene, and another one with Lowe in bed with two girls, will no doubt stir memories of his celebrated scandal involving a videotape. Indeed, the parallels between "Bad Influence" and the Lowe videotape incident are so numerous that I would almost believe him if he claimed to have been doing research.

Believers in coincidence can also savor the fact that this is Spader's first big role since "sex, lies and videotape," which would have made an excellent title for "Bad Influence. Like many thrillers that begin with an intriguing premise, "Bad Influence" is more fun in the setup than in the payoff. For at least the first hour, we are not quite sure what game Lowe is playing, and the full horror of his plan is only gradually revealed.

The climax of the movie discharges a lot of the suspense by turning into a more conventional cat-and-mouse game. But I was grateful for the final shots, which played fair with the logic of the plot and didn't try to sneak in the cheap surprise I was waiting for.

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Movies like this do raise a few questions, and one I kept asking was: How does Spader do it? As a broker based in Los Angeles, he has to be at work when the New York markets open, and there is indeed one scene where he's at his desk at a. Since he spends night after night with Lowe, turning into a zombie in one bar after another, how does he manage to hit the deck every morning looking like a preppie fresh from business school?

On one occasion, he is drunk enough to stick up some convenience stores after the clubs close and sober enough to be horrified at his behavior only a few hours later.

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