Kestrels Midnight Song

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Kestrel's Midnight Song.

Jacob Parker. The land of Gable-renowned for its birds, revered for its legends and secrets-is home to the grandest castle in the known world. Bibliografische Informationen.

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Kestrel's Midnight Song Jacob Parker Flaming Pen Press , - Seiten 1 Rezension The land of Gable-renowned for its birds, revered for its legends and secrets-is home to the grandest castle in the known world. Scott Appleton.

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    Blog Unlocking the science to reveal the state of nature David Noble takes a sober look at the latest State of Nature Report. Blog What effect might annual releases of non-native gamebirds be having on native biodiversity? She can break into most locks without too much effort, and can swipe useful or expensive-looking items right from almost everyone's nose. She also has something of a silver tongue, and can usually persuade people to her point of view or explain away almost anything. When her gift of gab fails, however, she falls back on beating her target into seeing things her way.

    Kessie is an impulsive woman, prone to whatever need motivates her at any given moment.

    The Midnight - Los Angeles

    As such, her aspirations are usually small, and involve nothing more than the gaining of any random item or person of interest. While most situations tend to roll off her back, her past mistakes continue to shadow over her, and when her past actions are ever mentioned, she becomes deflated and distant, or even resentful. The Midnight Kestrel carries with her a rune-carved recurve bow gifted to her by Ein Dose, her modified shotgun, a quiver of specifically designed metallic arrows, and a small flask that's usually filled with rum and Coke.

    Kestrel's Midnight Song

    The only child of Anna Fairchylde and industrialist Jonas Fairchylde, Jesslyn led a simple but comfortable life. Her mother, a recovered heroin addict, was a caring and loving woman, content with her role as mother and housewife. Her father ran several manufacturing plants in the greater New England area, and though he was a strict businessman, he was a gentle and loving father, and supported Jesslyn's needs and wants. After a long while, however, Fairchylde's maunufacturing prospects began to falter, as new technology firms began to take root and take away business.

    Eventually, Jonas' entire company went bankrupt. During this time of financial dischord, fights between Jesslyn's mother and father grew frequent, and eventually Jonas was driven from his home and from his daughter. Moving from their small condo in Founder's Falls to a tiny apartment in King's Row, Jesslyn's life turned for the worse.

    The Song of the Dodo: Island Biogeography in an Age of Extinctions - David Quammen (1997)

    Her mother fell backwards into depression and her old habits of heroin use. Jesslyn was left to fend for herself and to try to support her mother and their tiny apartment. After several failed attempts at working standard jobs, Jesslyn turned to a life of crime, first as a pickpocket and eventually working her way up to breaking and entering.

    Her favorite targets were the large, high-tech office firms that took root in King's Row, as something of a small bit of personal revenge against the companies that caused her family to collapse. Her mother eventually died of an overdose, but Jesslyn's fate had been sealed regardless of the fact that she no longer had someone's bad habit to support. She continued with her exploits, hoping to become Paragon City's most famous thief. Despite her many heists of notable and normally thought secure high-tech companies, she still did not gain the popularity she craved, as her work was often overshadowed by the feats of the city's superpowered populace.

    Jesslyn then had an idea Having heard of a secret research and development laboratory located in Independence Port that was working on an experimental sneaksuit that allowed the wearer to perform incredible superpowered physical acts, Jesslyn made her move.

    Kestrel's Midnight Song

    She broke into the lab and succeeded in finding and putting on the prototype sneaksuit. However, when she fitted the outfit to her body, it fused onto her, connecting itself directly into her nervous system. Unable to remove the suit, and with the lab's security bearing down, she made good her escape. It was eventually found out that the lab in question was a secret facility owned by Crey Industries. Jesslyn was now a woman marked for death.

    In a last-ditch effort to keep herself from being assassinated, Jesslyn registered herself as a hero of the city, under the assumption that Crey would not be foolish enough to attack or kill a hero in broad daylight. She ran into a woman named Remir, a captain of the Sky Pirate ship Angelus, and was hired as a crewmember for her skill with sneaking and lockpicking.

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    It was aboard the Angelus and with the members of its crew that Jesslyn found the home she had long-missed, and she took to her new role as a sneak thief and privateer with gusto. Selling out her combat services to various contracters and contacts across Paragon City, she became infamous as a deadeye shot with her bow and her ability in combat.

    She won many friends among the hero community, and made even more enemies among their number for her nonchalant view of justice and right and wrong. As time passed, she was eventually promoted to Gale Commander, a rank below Remir's captain position, and had established herself as one of the crew's more animated and loveable members. She eventually had worked a way to get out of her sneaksuit, but remained aboard the Angelus out of love for her fellow crewmembers and out of her deep respect for her captain.

    Kestrel's Midnight Song - Adventures Underground

    During a large contract she was hired for to protect a reactor at Terra Volta, The Midnight Kestrel was caught in a dire fight. The Raiders swarmed the reactor she and her team were assigned to defend, and the team fell. Jesslyn fell right at the very core of the reactor, and was caught at the epicenter of the resulting blast. The blast blew her sneaksuit completely off of her body, and fused the neural connections in the suit directly into her skin.

    Due to the intensity of the blast, the hospital teleport beacon failed to activate immediately, and doctors were unable to undo the fusing without risking severe injury.