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Topics All News Blog. B2, purportedly one fell off the top and died. Soon I saw a man hours later he would tell me little else about walking up the western side of the hill accom- it. Later I sought information at a few of panied by several cavorting greyhounds. In modern cottages lying closest to the tower on response to my general questions, he told me the west side, with no one providing informa- that Fleming had paid the people a penny per tion. I did meet two farmers passing the time, day to build the tower when work was idle it one of whom said the tower had been used for is safe to assume that he believed Fleming had looking out for horse thieves.

A suggested I visit her immediate neighbor. He The theme of the blood-sacrifice was also was not extremely communicative but af- collected near the turn of the century in firmed, after I prompted, the general informa- Northumberland, in which the Picts tion I had collected about the Folly. Note as well, a similar belief reported These days of collecting before me, the remainder of examples are an expression of a panEuropean the folklore did not relate directly to the Folly.

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I chose two particularly interesting fea- Discussion of this wide tradition would be too tures that have come out of this work: 1 the involved to present here, so I constrain myself folklore motif of the blood-slaked mortar, to the British-Irish motif of blood-slaked- which appears to index a function of social mortar used to strengthen a tower. The commonly known example is the In the ancient times a man the name of British legend recorded by Geoffrey of M'Gauran ruled in these parts.

He was a Monmouth c. Evenly the cows were not spared ally in England, Scotland, and Ireland the tra- at the latter end, the way a powerful dition from Scotland, with its legends of un- lamentation went up from the poor of the successful constructions, is closest to the Irish world [who] were looking on the case. And here I mean actual places with lo- lonesome fields. Hunt , 15 cal connotations. Place-names in some ballad -- notably, many in the English-Scottish tradi- We might say this is an appropriate motif - tion -- lose denotative value and move toward - the taking of blood to finance an elite con- connotation of distant places, creating a fairy- struction.

This view would have some histor- tale-like setting removed from mundane life ical and, indeed, anthropological veracity, Nicolaisen In contrast, the places when combined with theories of political named in the Folly ballad are local and deno- power emphasizing the selfish as opposed to tative. The song names a real tower on a system-serving nature of political leaders. Further, the for- tle blood as sustenance for those herding in the mulaic language of the ballad emphasizes distant pastures Evans 35, Fermanagh on the northern border of landowner.

Note the comparison between Cavan. And one of them must surely be that castle The old motif is used in the ballad to indi- down at Crom.

Ireland’s Famine Follies

Glassie b: Place-Lore Theme: Oppressive History Turned to Pride of Place Glassie a: suggests that history is a feature of geography, to the extent that The Folly ballad is in the genre of songs land features become oral-nodes for reminding and verses of places, a genre that exists gener- of and performing of local history. The presentation of events of local inter- '"What white cairn is that over there on est and the apparent if not actual target-audi- the mountain-top? As well, such a feature could be seen '"Mag mBreg," said the charioteer.

He named, moreover, their mead- Do border themes from medieval Ireland con- owlands and their fords, their renowned tinue in the lore of Cavan? We can- have been important to all members of the so- not turn a page of an Old Irish saga without ciety, not just to the warrior class. In a culture seeing a reference to a place-name and how where transhumant pastoralism was practiced the feature came to be named. They go to a summit of a The concern with the borders of ancient hill to see the sights to which even the mod- chiefdoms may have survived in Cavan to be ern countryperson may take a foreign visitor reused in the present in the Folly ballad al- — a kind of initiate?

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The ballad starts us facing south- When folklorists observe living as op- west Co. Longford and has us look to the posed to manuscript folklore, they may be west and west-north-west Cos. Leitrim and observing different degrees of the lore on a Sligo back around to the south West Meath spectrum from relatively stable information to and to the south-east Royal Meath or Meath constantly changing. Some genres of folklore in a ritualistic movement about a center. Be that as it These can remain relatively stable in content may, these views effectively include the because their brevity permits performance southern border of the old territory of Breifne, more from memory than by the recreating itself part of the ancient border between the process that also occurs in oral tradition.

The con- The implications of these possibilities are in- vergence of oral tradition and print technology triguing but must remain pure speculation often led to a blend of oral and written tradi- until other evidence is found and analyzed, tion in Europe for example, see Brown and and simpler alternatives considered. One such Douglas on such a genre start- alternative is that the ballad has us turn our ing in 18th century Scotland.

I want to consider etc. Once a folklore performance has been also the broad context within which this lore extracted from its setting, it can be subjected exists, to attempt to reassemble a little the to evaluation and reproduction Bauman and back-and-forth play of ideas that stem from a Briggs The print media may have a piece of architecture, a printed song text, and special ability to objectify a folklore text.

The ideas in human minds finding outlets briefly text is extracted from an immediate personal during emergent conversations. True, that tower was hunting hounds at the sport or for seeing the built by a representative of days when the ma- ships at sea. These are the beliefs that - a name associated with an unattainable goal emerge in everyday encounters, and they may of seeing far which may be a metaphor for agree or differ with the ideas that the tower ruling far.

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Yet this is hardly a militant politi- and its song continually re-inject ideas into the cal statement in a land where militant state- community, which the mediating folklore tra- ments concerning the conflicts of the Irish dition is free to repeat, select, and exclude. The act of selection of a theme out of the This freedom is necessary to accommodate the many preserved in the tradition may have a community, which is diverse in opinion. Other people; people must discover their relation to potentially conflicting views exist as well -- a each other, and decide how that relation neutral or positive function as a lookout for should proceed.

The tradition offers tested horse thieves or for hunting hounds may stand ways for people to make comments. In the dynamic, the ballad does not paid to build it. And at one point the mere exist as an isolated text even when objectified mention of the tower elicits brief narratives of ultimately in print.

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It exists alongside other the penal days in which Protestant antagonists cultural communications that are affected by either rot alive or live to see the end of their the ballad and each other. As Bauman and lineage. An adequate aspects of folk tradition have avoided the analysis of a single performance thus requires specific case and attached Fleming and his sensitive ethnographic study of how its form tower instead to the tradition of negative and meaning index a broad range of discourse landlords.

The Folly is, then, not just a land- types, some of which are not framed as per- mark overlooking a pleasant land, or merely formance.

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Evans , on labor pooling passing. If so, the ballad arose from web of related events in a community.

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The times of political change, when hardships web arises from the social landscape were being redressed after which social including archaeological sites , topographical diplomacy in the border region of Cavan could landscape, and the people through whom the proceed. The way to consolidate groups. As related communities that its subject-tower overlooks. And meanwhile the more fluid folklore argues for an array of social positions in relation to these issues. This makes the ballad a kind of ideal, or a yearning to an ideal framed in folk performance.

In this sense we can see the ballad as part of a deeper drive in folk tradition to present an ideal of monocul- turalism see Sherratt for a discussion of how the Homeric tradition may have func- tioned in this way; her approach seems gener- ally of use in folklore work that includes eth- nicity and cultural artifacts as subjects. However, for the archaeologist and the folklorist, the heterogeneity of culture is what we thrive on. In particular, the multifunc- tionality of the landscape leaves us much co- operative work to do in showing how our studies not only explain the past but relate to reuse of the past in the present.

Susan Lawler and Don Nichols sent me useful photocopies when I was then merely a stranger from Internet asking for advice. Thanks also to the two anonymous re- viewers for the insightful comments that im- proved this paper. The History of the Andersen Fleming G. Lewis Thorpe, trans.

Harvard English Studies Gillespie, Raymond. Raymond Gillespie, ed. Dublin: Irish or Science. Academic Press. Balfour, M.