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Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Dogs in the wild face puzzles every day. They have to find food, water and a safe place to sleep. Our dogs have all of this provided: they get their food in a dish, their water is always available and their cozy basket sits in the corner.

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Dogs need to use their brains to keep occupied, happy and well balanced. The ideas in this booklet are perfect for dogs that can't have Dogs in the wild face puzzles every day. The ideas in this booklet are perfect for dogs that can't have as much exercise as they would like and as a foundation for those that are hyperactive or have behavioral problems. Most of all, these mind games are designed to be fun, fast and effective for all dogs to enjoy!

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This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. All Languages. More filters. Sort order. Mrs Debbie Foster rated it it was amazing Jan 07, Erica Schilt rated it really liked it Apr 22, Geoff G. Robbins merda constat variat altitudo rated it liked it Jan 06, Concentrating on five types of dogs -- modern household dogs, village dogs, livestock-guarding dogs, sled dogs, and herding dogs -- the Coppingers, internationally recognized canine ethologists and consummate dog lovers, examine our canine companions from a unique biological viewpoint.

Dogs clearly points the way for dog lovers, dog therapists, veterinarians, and all others who deal with dogs to understand their animals from a fresh perspective.


The authors show how dogs' different abilities depend upon the confluence of their nature and nurture -- that both genetics and the environment play equally key roles. They also reveal that many people inadvertently harm their canine companions because they fail to understand dogs' biological needs and dispositions.

Dogs is a highly readable biological approach by noted researchers that provides a wealth of new information about the interaction of nature and nurture, and demonstrates how unique dog behavior is in the animal world. Coren is always at the forefront of discoveries about dogs. With his ever-entertaining, erudite style, he provides a fascinating picture of the way dogs interpret their world and their owners, how they solve problems, learn, and take in new information.

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Coren lets you see through a dog's eyes, hear through his ears, and even sense the world through a dog's nose, giving you the insight that you need to understand the silly, quirky, and apparently irrational behaviors that dogs demonstrate, as well as those stunning flashes of brilliance and creativity that they occasionally display. Along the way, How Dogs Think will answer the questions about which you have always wondered, including: Can dogs count? Do they have an appreciation of art or music? Can a dog learn how to do something by just watching another dog or even a person do it?

Do dogs dream? What is the nature of dog personality? Which behaviors are prewired into your dog and which can you actually change? And, can dogs sense future earthquakes or detect cancer?

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While actual conversation of the sort Lassie seemed capable of in Hollywood mythmaking remains forever out of reach, Coren shows us that a great deal of real communication is possible beyond the giving and obeying of commands. How to Speak Dog not only provides the sounds, words, actions, and move-ments with which we can effectively communicate with our dogs, but also deciphers the signs that our dogs give to us.

With easy-to-follow tips on how humans can mimic the language dogs use to talk with one another, original drawings illustrating the subtleties of their body language, and a handy visual glossary and "Doggish" phrasebook, How to Speak Dog gives dog lovers the skills they need to improve their relationships with their pets.

Why can't Rover read? Can you teach on old dog new tricks? How smart is your dog?

Psychologist Stanley Coren answers these questions and more in this enlightening resource for dog owners, potential dog owners, and anyone who loves a good dog story. Read your dog's body language. Test your dog's smarts. Understand the sophisticated language of the bark. Tailor a training program for best results. And so much more.

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By understanding what makes your dog tick, you"ll learn how to socialize and train your dog to be the companion that you want. Modifying a dog"s behavior isn"t hard, it"s simply a question of reinforcing the behavior that you desire. By using the proven techniques described in this book, you can teach your dog to be the model companion. The better you understand your dog, the better your relationship will be. Internationally acclaimed vet, behaviorist and trainer Dr. Well-socialized dogs seldom harbour grudges; they would rather play than squabble.

Housetraining is a prime example, but when humans "humanize" housetraining, points out the Evans Guide, the result is havoc. Now, for all puppies and older dogs and their owners, celebrated dog trainer Job Michael Evans presents a sensible, effective approach to do the job once, fast and right. The author's Access system is a powerful tool that gets the results you want.

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Learn how to give a "correction with a connection" so Rascal knows his mistake and not to repeat it. The support you need to succeed, in the form of handy schedules, summary sheets, photos and diagrams are all included. There are also important, special chapters for trainers, breeders, pet store operators and shelter personnel to help clients with housetraining.

With his flexible and good-humored approach, Evans teaches how to develop proper leadership attitudes toward a dog as well as how to prevent or stamp out problems.

The standout section here is the author's step "Radical Regimen for Recalcitrant Rovers," which has been privately making the rounds of the nation's top trainers with impressive results. Other piquant discussions include rebuttals of folk wisdom, as in an explanation of disciplining a dog after the fact, and clear directions for using set-ups to correct very specific infractions.

Some self-help-style chatter invades the book "I'll be publicly honest with you if you will be privately honest with yourself" but does not detract from Evans's authority. Owners of even cherubic pets ought not pass up this thoroughly sound guide. Copyright Reed Business Information. Unfortuantely a previous reviewer must not have read the whole book. You introduce the discs slowly and you are simply dropping them when you introduce them from a distance of you knee to the floor, because you sit when introducing these Later when working distance exercises you may toss them near a dog as a distraction His video show the steps much better.

Overall I enjoyed reading Dogwise. They shaped the dogs behavior with NO aggression or punishment. They made the dog figure things out on his own and in a very short period of time. It's great reading if you want to undersatnd how your dog learns and what you can do to teach them in a positive way.