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This has lead to the rise of visual content marketing platforms such as Shuttlerock Disclaimer: I am on the board and a shareholder that makes it easy for your customers that love what you do, to create content for you for free from their mobiles. They can share photos and images to social media networks, your social hub and your website straight from their phones! This is a significant change to the old marketing models as our media consumption and habits are now driven by large global social networks and smart phones.

There is nothing more frustrating on a mobile than trying to expand a website so you can read it. What will happen is that most readers will give up and move on. Otherwise you will drive traffic away and miss out on leads and sales. If you have a WordPress site that needs to be upgraded then to provide a short term fix, you can load a plugin that allows your site to be read easily on a mobile. One of the top WordPress plugins for this is WPtouch which has been downloaded over 6 million times. This provides a simple intermediary step to ensure that people can read your content before embarking on a new site design project.

The next step is to make sure that you have an app for your site and your business. A mobile site cannot do everything. The small screen does constrain your visual real estate, so you will need to work out the the most important goals that you want to achieve. The home page for the app will need to make sure that the key goals you want to achieve are visible there. Here is an example of a magic illusionist Cosentino and some of his major goals are to:. These are not definitive but will be determined by the business model. You will need to prioritize what goals you want to achieve.

The Internet generation those who have grown up knowing nothing but the web as part of their lives are consuming online video rather than TV. This means featuring video within apps is essential. To market to them means moving your media to match their media consumption.

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The success of GoPro in tapping into mobile video has been a huge success in creating a global brand fast! The power of online video is that it can be used to scale trust. Getting your message across quickly will need to include the use of visuals that convey the message quickly. Even if you are a blogger who uses text as his major media focus, visuals can still be a big way of communicating.

Podcasts have been re-energized due to the smartphone making it easy to consume audio on the go.

No longer do you have to sit in front of a device but carry it with you. You can listen on the go at the gym, the beach or in the car. Content has to serve many masters. Images, photos and video need to work on many devices, platforms and networks. These include television, print, laptops and now mobile. This is a real challenge in a digital world that has splintered into multi-media and many devices. This shift to mobiles has been so fast that many brands are scrambling or even failed to grasp its consequences. Building distribution for your content means social media following buttons that are not just designed for the web but for mobile devices.

Join over 25 million other readers that have been educated and inspired to transform their life and business. Jeff Bullas. There is a seismic shift in media.

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This has major implications for content marketers and the future of content marketing. Want proof? Use technology to crowdsource visual content from mobiles at scale Brands such as Coca Cola realised that engaging with your fans and advocates to produce content for you for free was effective and smart. You are just one click away from oblivion.

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Here is how my blog looks when viewing it via the WPtouch plugin. Some takeaways: By September , there were more smartphone users than feature phone users for the first time in the US. Smartphone media usage is dominated by apps, which account for 4 out of every 5 minutes spent on smartphones with mobile web usage accounting for the remainder.

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Smartphones and tablets now drive 1 out of 3 minutes spent with digital media. Are you delivering it across mobile touchpoints? How do they buy using mobile devices, what makes them act?

How does the different user experience between, for instance, tablets and smartphones, impact conversions? What are the favorite channels they use to inform themselves or interact using mobile devices? What about the impact of mobile on reading and sending email, browsing, social networking, sharing location, using apps, the preference and impact of the mobile Web over mobile apps, etc? Different mobile content marketing priorities for different businesses So, from a mobile content perspective there are different questions to answer.

Apps, anyone?

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In fact, in the talks I had in the last 2 years with C-level execs in the European media industries all big international players , the attention for mobile by far outweighs their interest in social at this time. Traffic and eyeballs obviously also matter for publishers as most online advertising models are still mainly based on impressions and clicks. From other content marketing perspectives we have to pay more attention to enabling people to find us by finding the content fulfilling their needs and wants , interact with us and so forth.

Mobile email creates twice as many conversions as social activities or search. Web visits on a mobile or tablet device are highest on Thursday at SMS marketing messaging is becoming more popular, with More in the infographic below. The state of mobile content marketing infographic — click for larger version.

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Consumer concerns force marketers to adapt as techlash hits. Global Connected Consumer Index the relevancy balance in marketing. IoT endpoints: the industries and use cases driving growth in