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What level are you? The consensus seems to be kill Bounty Hunters until your rep with all the bad guys is neutral. However, under a certain level, the above is suicide! Go to the top of the page. Skip user information Wind Apprentice Date of registration: Feb 8th Reputation modifier: 9. I just want to be Neutral with the outcast is there a place to take a bribe? Would you rather to die sitting or standing.

Skip user information PurpleGerbil Apprentice Date of registration: Mar 15th Reputation modifier: 9. I couldnt afford the bribe so Go to Pueblo Station. There is a Xenos base nearby, go and kill them. They have NO allies and everyone hates them especially the outcasts, your rep will soon be neutral. Skip user information jojobean Apprentice Date of registration: Mar 10th Reputation modifier: 9. Integrity means that your life is integrated around principles and your security comes from within, not from without.

Many have written about the fact that character development and leadership development are one and the same.

so, uh, since when BOS outcast become hostile to you ?

But not that many discuss courage in such a direct way as Covey. But he is right. Leading a cancer center is filled with conflict and challenges about finances, mission, commitments, people, resources, etc. One has to constantly look inside at one's core principles and have the courage to act on them. That takes courage. Additionally, you need to be comfortable with who you are.

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If you want to be a good leader, you need to have inner security, and not depend on validation from others to prove your worth. Insecurity can lead to a lot of bad behavior. Leaders—indeed, everyone—can do better if they make decisions based on core principles and worry less about what might be convenient or popular. Before you find fault in others, first, work on yourself. Put another way, take responsibility—do not be a victim. This one sounds easy, but it's not. Sometimes the noise can get so loud that it's hard not to play the role of the victim.

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I still do it sometimes. But I know it is a flawed strategy and never generates positive results. Instead, I need to start with me. If I am in a tough situation, I need to examine how I got there, what I could have done differently, and more importantly, what I personally can do to make things better.

It starts with me.

Is political correctness detrimental to society?

Traditional teaching of leadership tends to focus on the wrong thing. This one has merit but is complicated. Medicine is a field that requires a huge amount of learning and work to become competent at the practice of medicine. And medical leadership requires teaching to understand finances, marketing, and other non-medical leadership topics. Having said that, I believe there is little question that high-level leadership should focus on character development.

It is an unmet need with opportunity. Emotional maturity comes from a combination of character and consideration. One needs the ability to express their feelings and convictions with courage, balanced with consideration for the feelings and convictions of others. This theme resonates with me. This has been one of my most important learnings. I have long known that, at the end of the day, character wins. But I have had to learn how to voice my opinions better, with more consideration for others, to walk in their shoes while I am speaking.

To move away from a win-lose mentality to a win-win view. This point is a big deal. Even if you are in the right, if you express yourself in an abrasive and hurtful manner, you will achieve nothing. And if you wind up being less than tactful, and others are wounded by your words, you have only one thing to do—have a face-to-face conversation, apologize, and mean it. Academic medicine has so many doctors who are brilliant, yet at their core are insecure and express themselves in a confrontational way.

Their lack of consideration for others becomes at best, highly limiting, and at worst, bullying. Getting both right—courage and consideration—is hard to do but is the right thing to do. This is also true when dealing with patients. How to deliver bad news is an art, but clearly you need the courage to tell the truth coupled with the empathy to use consideration and kindness while delivering it. The ongoing importance of learning. XD If one of you has an idea for a name of those four, say it. On the other side, we still are able to call them with their identification.

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Und da hab ich diesen pseudo-comic gezeichnet. A gothic elf. A punk fairy. You can find a bribe on Ruiz base in Omicron Beta.

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Date of registration: Mar 21st Reputation modifier: 9. Go to Kyoto and do missions for the blood dragons until the outcasts become neutral. Saturday, March 22nd , pm.

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Another possibility is going to Sigma and there fly to one of the stations owned by GMG and wreck the depots Do the same on one in Liberty I thought it was a Samuran station in liberty After this get the fukking hell outta there but when i did this almost all my crminal factions were neutral. Then go to Hokkaido above New tokyo system there follow the unfinished tradelane and wreck all depots u find Skip user information Mirax Apprentice Date of registration: Feb 26th Reputation modifier: 9.

Ok, Is there an Xenos base so I can kill alot of them, I will also go to some of those bases to look for an outcast bribe.

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