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The cathedral was decorated with several thousand yellow and red roses and carnations in honor of the colors of Spain. Following the Catholic ceremony, Juan Carlos and Sophia road together in a horse-drawn coach to royal palace, while the next round of guests headed to the Metropolitan Cathedral for the Orthodox service.

Relive Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia's Fairy Tale Royal Wedding on Their 4th Anniversary

After a very brief rest, Sophia and her father again rode from palace to Orthodox cathedral via the same blue and gilt coach, while Juan Carlos traveled in a separate carriage with his mother. As part of the Orthodox ceremony, attendants exchanged the rings and crowns worn by Juan Carlos and Sophia three times. The crowns were the same as those used during the wedding of Paul and Frederica in Sophia was reported to be smiling throughout both ceremonies, although she did shed some tears toward the end of the Orthodox service.

Queen Frederica was also said to have cried during the service. Juan Carlos put his arm around and offered Sophia his handkerchief to comfort. Not to be outdone by the Catholics, 22 Orthodox bishops assisted the primate during the ceremony. Upon leaving the Orthodox cathedral, a very excited Sophia nearly tripped over her long train.

James Blunt's wife Sofia looks stunning at Royal Wedding

The couple descended the steps of the cathedral under a tunnel of swords held by 18 Spanish officers, friends of Juan Carlos from the three Spanish military academies. A short civil ceremony was held at the Greek royal palace following the religious services. Sophia would now be known as Sofia — the Spanish version of her name. A wedding banquet followed for guests attending the two religious ceremonies. While most of the Greek public cheered the new couple with Greek and Spanish flags, the wedding was not universally popular.

The heat of the wedding day also took a toll on several spectators. A year-old Greek woman died of a heart attack during the festivities, and several others were treated for heat-related conditions. Sophia wore a dress of silver lame covered in layers of heirloom Bruges lace and tulle. The dress itself was rather simple in design, with fitted three quarter-length sleeves, a flared skirt, and a jewel neckline.

James Blunt's wife Sofia looks stunning in a colourful collared dress at the Royal Wedding

After Sofia is gone, he distracts his twin sister too, telling her, her tiara is crooked. While Amber tries to correct that, he releases the fish.

Sofia and Amber are horrified and try to catch them, in the process Amber touches the King of the Kobolds' hair. James remarks how Amber messed up and goes to help catch the fish too. As he comments on how Amber's dress is in danger of getting dirty, she surprises him again by replying she does not care. Two fish escape into the ocean.

Sadly in her last attempt to get them back, Amber falls and the wedding ring Tilly gave her falls into the water. She is devastated and doubts her skills as future Queen of Enchancia. This leads her to declare James heir to the throne. Amber leaves heartbroken as Baileywick tells them the ceremony is starting, horrified at the prospect of telling her aunt she lost the ring.

Despite achieving his goal, seeing his twin sister so miserable makes James start to feel guilty for his actions. James confesses to Sofia that he is the reason why the fish got out of the cage, much to her disappointment. She tells him to talk to Amber but he refuses as the ring is still missing. He wants to save it by using the Whenever-Wing-Wand.

Royal Wedding Aka Wedding Of Princess Sophia And Don Juan Carlos - British Pathé

Sofia hands it to him and James fires magic at the ocean a few times even though Sofia warns him it could have dire consequences. After many shots, he finally hit the ring and it flies out of the water just as Baileywick reminds them of the ceremony. Just as they leave a giant octopus with wings, given by the wand, emerges out of the ocean. James hands the ring to Amber and tells her she is still heir to the throne.

James Blunt's wife Sofia looks stunning in a colourful collared dress at the Royal Wedding

Suddenly, the giant octopus appears in the air, destroying the decorations and frightening the guests, who identify it as a kondraki. James notices it is his fault. Sofia is unable to hit it with the wand as it is moving to fast.

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Amber, still having lost her confidence, thinks she will not be of help. James confesses to his deeds, apologizing to his sister and finally gives in, as he observed how Amber enjoyed the stuff he always found boring. Amber gets her confidence back and sends Sofia to look after Tilly and Sir Bartleby, while she protects the guests.

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After Sofia has made sure Tilly and Sir Bartleby are not hurt, she notes the kondraki saying "cake", so she deduces he is after the wedding cake. She runs to tell her sister who commands the guards to protect it and get a small piece of it to lure the flying creature away. Queen Charlotte was kept unaware when King George III suffered his first, although temporary, bout of mental illness in This is the spirit of the women I have met on this trip. Landmines are an unhealed scar of war.

By clearing the landmines, we can help this community find peace, and with peace comes opportunity. You have welcomed us into this community, have been open and honest with us, both about the dangers women and children face, and about how you are addressing them. We are so incredibly grateful to be able to listen and learn from you about the issues that define your daily lives in these communities.

As women, it is one hundred percent our responsibility, I think, to support and uplift each other.

Sofia the First Season 4 Episode 21 A Royal Wedding Full Episodes Part 03

I think for me this has always been about the competitors and their families. What they represent, the strength and determination, the grit, every part of it. Skip to main content.

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