The Hawk and his Lady: A Fairy Tale Short

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Eventually she locks Hansel up and makes Gretel help her make him fat. He gives her a bone to feel instead. Anyway, they end up tricking the witch, shoving her in the oven and listening to her screams as she burns to death. After, they steal her pearls, ride a duck across the stream and go back to their father. And by then, the mother is dead. All he did was lose a chicken because a hawk took it.

I guess you can guess what happens there. He loses all the chickens. Anyway, through the story the boy keeps doing stupid things and getting beaten nearly to death. So, finally, he decides to end it all. Once the effects of the poison begin to sit in also known as getting hammered , he thinks for sure the end is near. He lays down in an empty grave in the cemetery and falls asleep. When the boy wakes up the next morning he hears church bells. Then his caretakers die too, because they accidentally set their house on fire.

The end. Because this is terrifying. During their engagement he tells her she has to come to his home for a party.

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She does so reluctantly. OK, what? Getting eaten by your fiance is scary enough, but can you imagine finding an old woman with a shaking head in a basement in a home in the woods? Yeah, OK bye. They force her to drink several types of wine, put her on a table, cut her open, add some salt and dig in. On the day of their wedding, the bride tells all of her guests about the story and shows them the finger … and everyone kills the husband and his friends. Another happy ending?

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Three years later, the daughter, who is God-fearing and pure, draws a circle around herself with chalk. After this, the daughter leaves home. But eventually an angel finds her, and then a king, who makes her hands out of silver. Davis Goodreads Author. When the Queen is struck down by a deadly curse, Leal's only chance of saving her depends on cooperating with the Dragon Master, Hawk.

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But Hawk, like the rest of the palace, has no love of the foreign Leal or his magic, and would much rather throw Leal in prison until he has good enough reason to execute him. Get A Copy. More Details The Bestiary. Other Editions 1. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

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To ask other readers questions about The Hawk and the Rabbit , please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about The Hawk and the Rabbit. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. I really enjoyed this story! Leal is a sorcerer and with his prince in a foreign land, the queen has been cursed by magic and suspicion falls upon Leal and his prince.

Hawk, the dragon Master has a deep distrust of magic and of Leal, but when circumstances force them on a quest to save the Queen, Lael sees that although Hawk has always come across as harsh and grumpy he is actually a real sweetie, and Hawk finally sees Leal for who he is, not what he does. There is a pouty Dragon, an adventure, at I really enjoyed this story!

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There is a pouty Dragon, an adventure, attempted sacrifices, a grumpy Hawk and an obvious bad guy,but it was a fun sweet, sexually tame story! View all 15 comments. Nov 23, Deeze rated it really liked it Shelves: more-story-than-sex , quick-easy-reads. A delightfully entertaining fairy tale. Adventure, mistrust, mystery and a growing romance, what more could you want in a story?

Oh OK Throw in a cute dragon lol. Hawk and Rabbit were a wonderful couple, with a strong chemistry that had me cheering for them. There love was a joy to watch grow. The adventure was enjoyable, the Unicorn and Phoenix were well done and different, the Griffons matched my own interpretation of them, and the sea serpent was the main excitement on their journey. The mystery A delightfully entertaining fairy tale. The mystery was not really mysterious, the bad guy was easy to spot, but it was handled in a believable way.

As for Firebright, she was of the cute dragon variety, just how I like them, my only complaint was not enough of her thoughts and actions lol. Overall a very well woven fairytale. View all 4 comments. Nov 22, Heller rated it really liked it Shelves: enemies-to-lovers , fantasy , m-m. A sorcerer, a warrior, and a dragon walk into a bar. It's basically a magic road trip story as Leal and Hawk hit the air on the back of a dragon seeking the elements needed to break an evil curse.

Leal DuFray is a sorcerer from Serenee who has lived in the neighboring kingdom of Ecottia as a magical advisor to his close friend, Prince Henri, who has recently married the queen Gaia.

Her kingdom has for years forbidden the use of magic so Leal is not well liked nor is A sorcerer, a warrior, and a dragon walk into a bar. Her kingdom has for years forbidden the use of magic so Leal is not well liked nor is he trusted. They are the men who with their dragons act as ambassadors and protect the kingdom.

There's a slightly antagonist relationship between the two men but that slowly changes as they're forced to work together as they embark on the quest in order to save the queen. I enjoyed how the story switched POV's from Leal to Hawk because I liked to see how their perceptions of each other changed and I really enjoyed what a strong, sweet personality Firebright the dragon had. The men had nice chemistry and there was some cute humour here as well. Leal's pet name for Hawk at the end of the story had me laughing.

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It was perfect. View all 3 comments. Shelves: mm-wizards-mages , mm-romance-or-erotica. I needed to check it by myself!! I agreed with everything she said.

It did remind me of the world that of Megan Derr. There was a couple of bad editing -- like this sentence, " You are neither of you amusing ". I said, "Huh??

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I did feel a little off with the writing -- just less chemistry between myself and the style.