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The bill would still need to be voted on by the full House to advance and the GOP controlled Senate has not said what if any gun control legislation it would take up. The red flag legislation that the committee voted on Tuesday would set up a federal grant program to incentivize states to establish red flag laws -- otherwise known as extreme risk protection orders, which enable a court to intervene and temporarily prevent someone who is in crisis from having access to a firearm.

It would also create a federal extreme risk protection order program. The committee also voted to advance a bill to prevent individuals convicted of misdemeanor hate crimes from possessing firearms. The House Gun: Nadine Gordimer: Books

A number of Republican lawmakers spoke in opposition to the bill ahead of the vote, arguing that red flag laws deny due process to Americans. Democrats in favor of the legislation countered that the legislation would protect due process rights.

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The debate in the committee grew emotional at times. At one point, Democratic Rep. Lucy McBath of Georgia, who lost her son to gun violence, said, "I know the pain of losing a child to gun violence Later, the congresswoman said, "I truly believe that the moral crisis is that the guns have become our God," adding, "Guns have become the means by which we solve all of our problems, have become our authority.

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The to vote is the first of two gun control measures expected to be put to House lawmakers this week, a turning point in gun legislation after 25 years when the National Rifle Association dominated the chamber. The Democratic victory was tempered, however, after Republicans prevailed in adding a provision that would require the F.

Twenty-six Democrats, primarily from moderate or Republican-leaning districts, broke party lines to support the measure. But Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California and other Democrats insisted that would ultimately have little import. Thompson said.

House Judiciary Committee votes to approve red flag bill and high capacity magazine ban

More than student activists, gun violence survivors and advocates — clad in a sea of orange scarves, ties and blazers to denote their support for the legislation — looked on from the House gallery as lawmakers advanced Mr. It seeks to close loopholes that allow individuals to buy firearms on the internet or at gun shows without having to pass a background check.

The Democrat-led House is expected to pass legislation on Thursday that would extend the amount of time the F.