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Activities , Printables , Posters. Periodic Table of the Elements Lesson. Science , Chemistry , Physical Science. Periodic Table of Elements Word Wall. Modern design and easy to see from a distance. Each of the element posters has been created in black and white for super easy printing. It's easy to make them stand out with your choice of colored paper. So many ways to use these posters! Science , Biology , Chemistry. Science , Basic Principles , Chemistry. Activities , Flash Cards , Printables.

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Here is what you get! Prints flashcards and 1 title card. Prints 14 pages. Please see our other items in our store. We offer full sets of curriculum for preschool aged children, educational games,. Science , Chemistry , Environment. Homeschool Curricula , Activities , Flash Cards. Periodic Table of Elements - Flashcards.

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Periodic Table of the Elements Cards. The complete Periodic table is here with 2 elements per page. One set is appropriately color coded. Hang these colorful posters in your science classroom. Create a large bulletin board with the element cards.

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Use the included anchor chart to teach students how to read the period table. Use all of the cards or just the ones you want your students to focus on depending on the grade level. Each card. Science , Chemistry , General Science. Word Walls , Printables , Posters. This download consists of printable flash cards that I made for my students to study for quiz and test on the Periodic Table. Students can either study with it right on their computers or print, fold and cut into easy-to-use study cards.

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There are 49 colorful card sets front and back in this down. Test Prep , Flash Cards , Printables. Introduction to the Periodic Table of Elements. This is an active lesson and activity that introduces the periodic table of elements and its structure. This lesson assumes a student has been taught the basic atom elements: proton, neutron, electron, nucleus, and electron orbital or shell. This lesson takes about two hours but has natural breaki. Students can make a wall-sized Periodic Table! Just color-code by group or category, add facts, and attach to the wall. Or - Laminate the cards and use for matching activities, categorizing activities, or assigning elements for research!

Multiple uses! This product contains: - complete set of e. Periodic Table of Elements Cards.

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The periodic table of elements places elements into groups with similar properties and how they relate to one another. This table is a useful tool for scientists, chemists, and nanotechnologists. Flash Cards.

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Periodic Table of Elements Vocabulary Sort. Help your students grasp and retain key Chemistry vocabulary with this interactive vocabulary sort activity relating to the periodic table of elements.

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This resource includes 10 key terms to match to a definition and icon picture , 3 different student answer sheets to meet the needs of your indivi. Editable Periodic Table of the Elements. Because of this, it is easily editable to whatever your preferences might be. With the Word file, you are free to add or delete any parts of the file before distributing to your students. Handouts , Flash Cards , Graphic Organizers. Periodic Table of Elements Flashcards. Use these cards as desk labels, room decoration, or flashcards to help students study the Periodic Table of Elements!

Learning the periodic table with your kids - or at least having them work on it? Here are some helpful notecards to help your child learn and record more about each of the elements on the periodic table - their atomic number, atomic weight, symbol, state at room temperature, melting point, boiling p. Flash Cards , Printables , Science Centers. Periodic Table Hands-on Activity Cards. This activity contains cards for the entire periodic table of elements. Sign In. Follow Unfollow. Follow Following.

Follow Following Unfollow. This was another project for my advanced graphics class. I created Illustrated study cards for the Periodic Table of the Elements. The cards are color-coded by their classification in the Periodic Table.

The front side of each card shows its name, abbreviation, and atomic number and the back side of each card features an illustration of an object that is somehow related to that element toothpaste for fluorine, bananas for potassium, etc. Here are some close-up images of some of my favorite illustrations. Periodic Table Flash Cards. Published: April 22nd Ashley Getty Follow Following Unfollow.