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Yet the years tick on while they are gone… and when they return, their own Earth is an alien planet to them. This incredible work of science fiction lifts its title from a Biblical allegory that warns against hypocrisy and conceit. The book, which takes place almost exactly 1, years in the future, kicks off when a pair of space-roaming battleships happens upon a group of aliens. Something strange has happened to the city of Bellona: it is unreachable through television and radio.

People can only enter by foot. And only the madmen and desperate remain in the city — until a young man with partial amnesia enters the picture. One of the most influential and trippy books in the genre, Dhalgren is a must-read for anyone who loves science fiction. Kindred is the story of a young African-American woman, Dana, who lives in but finds herself transported back to — when most black people in America were still brutally enslaved. She meets her ancestors and witnesses the inhuman cruelty they endured, and experiences much of it herself firsthand. But no matter how much pain she tolerates, she finds herself unable to control her time traveling, which leads to increasingly dire situations that Dana realizes she may not survive.

This first work of science fiction from the master of supernatural horror was a smashing success on its release, and continues to be a classic of the genre. It gives rise to number of surviving factions, some of which are more benevolent than others. In just a few short years, it went from being a BBC radio series to a novel, to an early computer game. It follows the misadventures of Arthur Dent, whose home Earth is destroyed to make way for an intergalactic highway.

These books have the rare distinction of appealing to the most hardened SF aficionado while still being laugh-out-loud funny. Comprised of reports, letters, speeches, and journal entries, the novel is a study of the planet Shikasta an allegorical Earth. However, when Earth itself becomes involved, things get a bit tricky. Case, a washed-up hacker, is hired by a criminal and his cyborg partner to pull off one last job — which involves taking control of a global virtual reality network known as… The Matrix. We told you this book was influential!

It follows Cordelia Naismith, an astronomical surveyor who has been taken prisoner aboard a ship from the planet Barrayar, of which Aral Vorkosigan is the commander. However, when a ruthless crew member overthrows Aral, he and Cordelia must rely on one another for survival. In , Watchmen landed on the comics world like a giant squid from an alternate dimension.

FILTER FACE: THE SERIES - Season 1 - Ep. 1: "Valentine's Day"

Koontz has made a career out of melding sci-fi and spec-fic trappings with his particular brand of horror. With Watchers , Koontz really found his footing as a master of his craft.

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Earth has become an uninhabitable nuclear wasteland and a few select humans have been plucked by an alien race — who have their own particular interest in humans. The Culture: a society in which humanoids and machines live symbiotically. In the Culture, machines oversee everything and humans are left to pursue their own interests, such as game playing. Three million years after a nuclear incident wipes out the crew of the mining ship Red Dwarf, the computer revives frozen crew-member Dave Lister: the only man left alive in the universe.

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Reunited with the hologram of his roommate and the humanoid descendent of his pet cat, Lister goes from being a small fish in a big pond to an equally small fish in an empty ocean. On the surface, this is an adaptation of the first season of a beloved British sitcom. In the 29th century, a creature called the Shrike waits for humanity on a world of Hyperion. Enter a crew of pilgrims who are traveling to Hyperion to seek answers.

But whether or not they will kill the Shrike or worship it like a god is unknown — along with the vital secrets that each of them hold inside of themselves. Theme park goes off the rails when the main attraction starts killing the visitors. However, just like the scientists in Jurassic Park, we believe that he merely perfected the formula when it came writing this well-researched, action-packed novel.

To every avid science fiction reader, the name James Tiptree Jr. Hang onto your pirate hats, because this dramatic space opera lives up to its promising name. It begins with a man and a woman in a bar, on a space station, with all the other patrons whispering over how such an ugly swashbuckler could woo such a beautiful woman. As Gaiman fans will know, his visions can sometimes be difficult to render through prose alone.

Piece of advice when you use time travel to zip back to the 14th century: get your shots for the bubonic plague ahead of time but literally. This becomes a pickle for Kivrin, a young historian who is sent to the 14th century — only to get stranded there when the plague is at its height. Yet even as her team from the present era desperately tries to rescue her, a strange disease has begun to spread throughout modern-day London as well.

What could it have to do with the 14th century? And what role does Kivrin play in the middle of it all? Medical mystery meets science fiction in this unputdownable book.

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An assured, impressive debut novel from Nicola Griffiths, Ammonite focuses on Marghe, an anthropologist sent to a planet whose human colonists had been apparently wiped out centuries prior. As she learns more about them, her views on society and adaptation begin to change profoundly… as yours may too after reading this book.

As in all of the best science fiction books, author P. James crafted a world that becomes more believable with each passing year. Set in the year , the human race has not seen a new birth in over a decade — and in much of the western world, autocratic governments have taken control. Self-aware cyberpunk fans, Snow Crash is for you. In the Community of The Giver , every young person receives an assignment which they will carry out for the rest of their lives — all except for Jonas, who receives an assignment no one has ever gotten before.

The resulting combination of scientific imagination and understanding of the human condition is both engaging and incredibly moving. Protagonist Bean is a child who lives on the mean streets, begging for food and often ruthlessly fighting other children for a crumb of bread. It all comes to a head in the Alps, where a horrifying discovery of preserved bodies hints that something long dormant is ready to return.

Darwin certainly never predicted this. When Staff Sergeant Torin Kerr and her platoon are pulled from leave for a supposedly easy mission, they have no idea that they are about to walk into a conflict greater than any they had faced before.

This bildungsroman blends popular tropes from the best sci-fi books with elements of Caribbean folklore. It begins with Carnival time on the Caribbean-colonized planet of Toussaint. Young Tan-Tan is revelling in the costumed festivities when a crime committed by her own father lands them both in brutal New Half-Way Tree tree world. His only choice: to go to Tokyo in search of his father. Yet his search uncovers more questions than it answers — most pressingly, what exactly separates his dreams from his reality? And what is the significance of the number nine?

In this Hugo-nominated novel, a young man bears witness one day to a foot stone pillar appearing out of thin air.

This book series provides examples of:

Wilson explores the thought-provoking impact of self-fulfilling prophecies, and just what causality means. Before Ready Player One , there was Otherland and its staggering vision of virtual reality. This epic science fiction series begins and ends in the Net and its Otherland, a mysterious golden city that steals and murders souls. The fate of those missing might just fall into the hands of Renie Sulaweyo,!

Mortal Engines

Xabbu, Paul Jonas, fourteen-year-old Orlando, and Mister Sellars: a band of misfits who nevertheless may have to rise up to become heroes for a literally lost generation. Though perhaps best known for inspiring the movie Arrival , this innovative anthology has much less to do with aliens than with us. People travel between the stars by zapping their minds into new bodies and the rich become immortal through a series of constant upgrades. Takeshi Kovacs is a former special forces soldier who has been hired by a wealthy man to investigate his own mysterious suicide.

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