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Feature: Review: 'Ben is Back' is a gritty Christmas movie riddled with darkness - Mashable India

His portrayal of an addict is pretty convincing as is his struggle towards sobriety. You will find yourself rooting for him. From drugs brought up as a joke on the family table to Ben awkwardly talking about waking up with an erection to a room full of people including his mom.

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A particularly funny yet dark scene is where Holly talks to a doctor about how he is the reason her son is an addict and gets away with it as the doctor pretends to have short term memory. Humour in the film is used to relieve the audience of the heavy anxious air of the film. That being said, the mood is consistently dark.

Review: 'Ben is Back' is a gritty Christmas movie riddled with darkness

It makes everything more manageable. Easter Is Cancelled has been described as "a mini rock opera examining the role of the musician in the barbarous culture of the world today. The Darkness intend to embrace the album's conceptual ties by playing it in full on their upcoming tour, also adding in their greatest hits for performances as well.

The group has a date U.

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Home Gear Factor. The Darkness, "Easter Is Cancelled". But Bond really needed a gritty reboot, probably more than even Batman had.

The silliness had gone too far, and the franchise needed an extreme reaction in the other direction for the series to get back on track. Casino Royale was that extreme reaction. Over and over, Casino Royale finds ways, both forced and ingenious, to subvert Bond-movie expectations.

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He gets pissed off when a waiter asks him how he wants his martini. He loses at cards to the villain.

‘Mature, dark and gritty’ is meaningless

He makes shitty decisions that get people killed. He gets himself killed, at least temporarily.

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  • He falls in love—something that a couple of previous Bonds had done, but was still against type. He shows his body off more than the women in the movie.

    Race the Darkness will be available on October 4th. Pre-order now!

    All of it works because Craig, mean and vicious in his square-jawed intensity, sells all of it. So even when he was trading flirty banter with beautiful women, he made sure to keep a flinty alertness, like he knew that he might be forced into some unspeakable acts at any moment.

    He was also physically up for the role.